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1. Review thousands of term life insurance policies from over 135 A-rated insurance carriers instantly. You can get an instant online life quote or spend 12 minutes with our licensed agents by calling (877) 472-4279. They can help you find the best policy for your needs.

2. Call our licensed agents to do some pre-underwriting to make sure you can qualify for specific rates based on your health, height/weight, driving record & family history. No need to submit an application without knowing there is a good chance it will get approved. If health issues are a concern, we will have you complete a short form “preliminary inquiry”, that will be sent to multiple carriers to indentify which carriers want your business, at the best price.

3. Apply for coverage with your chosen insurance company. We will set up your paramedical exam to be done at your home or work. The life insurance company may request records from one of your doctors.

4. The life insurance company responds with their offer. We work with you to negotiate the best rate. You have a no-risk guarantee since you have up to 30 days (depending on your state) to return the policy and receive a full refund. Your family now has peace of mind.